Food & Taste

Starred Cooking Class

Let us guide you through the best kitchens in Italy whether home hosted or in Restaurants. You will be carried among exquisite places with a eighteenth-century atmospheres or with a touch of modernity and design. Original lounges and terraces overlooking the most beautiful Italian squares. The best restaurants managed by chefs who will learn you a choice of traditional or sophisticated dishes respecting the Italian flavors.

Wine tasting and caves discovery

Indulge yourself in the pleasure of a wine tasting. In Italy you can’t miss a stroll through the most precious wine properties and caves. Smell in the cellars, taste in wines and spend a sunny day on country side.

Make your Pizza

By this experience you will fully appreciate the real way of making Pizza from the leavening to tomato and mozzarella dressing. Because Pizza is an experience to be feel, with all your senses.

This proposal is to be considered a possible itinerary. We can personalize any itinerary and/or create made to measure itineraries to meet your needs.


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