Luxury and Boutiques Hotel

What does luxury mean today? it is no longer just “delicacy, sophistication or display of expensive elegance and distinction”. luxury is now purely synonymous with exclusivity. An exclusivity given by the possibility to afford the purchase of goods from the prohibitive cost for the majority, but also by the faculty to grab the privilege of making an exceptional and unrepeatable experience. In our tours you will find only 5-star Hotels, first-class, charming, high-level suites with all comforts, with beautiful gardens or large terraces. Boutiques hotels as well to let you the chance to bring some pieces of Italy home. All the hotels are located in strategic positions of the Cities, panoramic point of view, with the aim of always guaranteeing the quietness and the best assistance of a highly professional staff.

Villa or Castle

Historical residences of high level for guests of upper level: Villas, Historical residences, Castles, to appreciate the charm, the uniqueness and the value of residences that still preserve their soul and origins. For people who like to fully immerse in authentic and unforgettable experiences.

Farmhouses & Private luxury apartments

If you’d like to enjoy your privacy and quiet, we can arrange various accommodation options as some of the most luxurious apartments in Italy, in prestigious buildings and exclusive contexts.

Prestigious Yachts

Experience the luxury of a unique journey on board of prestigious yachts. Put yourself in professionals care and hands who will create a perfect and customized itinerary for you. For sea lovers, but also of comfort and elegance lovers, we offer the best service you could wish for your entire stay or even for a day.

This proposal is to be considered a possible itinerary. We can personalize any itinerary and/or create made to measure itineraries to meet your needs.


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